What is Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible, odorless gas. It is dispersed in outdoor air, but when concentrated in buildings, can be harmful, especially at elevated levels.

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All mitigations and proposals are performed by owner Bob Hoaglin. Bob is certified by NRPP and has held a general contractors license for 35 plus years.

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Our follow up radon gas test results show that in 87% of homes we have mitigated radon levels are below 2.0 pCi/L.

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  • Ben G. 03.10.2013

    I did want to pass on that we are extremely pleased, not only with the results of the mitigation, but with the quality of the workmanship, timeliness of the mitigation efforts, and your professionalism during both the inspection and mitigation activities. Your work was thorough, efficient and exceeded our (admittedly) high expectations.

  • Bart M. 03.10.2013

    It is with great pleasure that I recommend Bob Hoaglin of Signature Radon Solutions for the measuring and mitigation of Radon. We recently contracted with Bob to place a mitigation system in our home. Prior to the installation of the system the levels of Radon were very high and within hours of the installation the readings measured well below the EPA standards.

  • Merlin R. 19.12.2013

    We wanted to thank you for the successful radon mitigation accomplished in our home. We were impressed with your knowledge about radon and your careful adherence to EPA standards. Your recommendations helped us to choose the best location for the installation which resulted in reducing radon in our home from 14 to 0.6! That is real success! We also appreciated your methods for the installation and how everything was cleaned up before you left. We went from being afraid to breathe in our home to peace of mind. Thanks so much for your good work!

  • Adam H. 19.12.2013

    The bottom line is that my initial radon test showed a level of 4.0 and Bob brought it down to 1.0. I expect this level to decrease even further once I do some more minor sealing in the basement. I am happy with what I spent and confident in the person who did it. I would certainly request Bob’s services again and I recommend him whole-heartedly.